Thursday, February 26, 2009

All important UPDATES

Okay Okay I know I just posted about the septic issue but seriously wouldn't you rather hear about my cute boys instead. Yeah me too! Noah is getting so big. I swear I'm having to buy him bigger pants by the hour. He still loves his school and all his friends there but he can't wait for summer. He knows that school is out and he can stay home all day long. He is doing great in school and ready for kindergarten, but all day in school will be an adjustment for both of us. He only goes 3 days a week a few hours a day and he already tries to get out of it. Its pretty funny. He starts soccer in a few weeks and is super excited for that. He will be doing soccer and the Seacoast United Soccer Club. It seems like a really good place to learn and play. We are super excited. And he just loves his brother more and more each day. I know cheesy "Mom" thing to say. But its true. He has been helping tuck Bryce in at night and is just so protective of him. Now that Bryce is running around and more "on his own" in doing things, Noah is right there with him. He tells us "Mom its my job to keep him safe, and if kids push or hurt him its my job to stop them." Its so freaking cute! Just the other day he told me "Mom this baby is just growing up so fast, he is like a little kid now ready for school." Yes this from my 5 year old.

But I couldn't agree with Noah more. This baby grew up way too fast. Its like a mini Noah running around this house. He has his words all figured out and knows what they mean to. His sentences are coming together and has even gotten into some "story telling" like big bro. He just loves Noah to pieces and goes everywhere with him. While Noah is at school he walks around lost. Noah has to help him do everything and he has even stopped calling him brother. It's Noah Michael now. He is still a mommy's boy more then ever so preschool next year might not take place. Yes, can you believe he can start preschool next year!! Potty training isn't working out so well. As Bryce tells me "Oh yucky Mom, that's disgusting" But we are working on it.

So thats what the boys are up to these days. They are both on the couch having quite time, its almost story time then bedtime. As winter has gone on bedtime seems to get earlier and earlier. But its good they need sleep. Ben is doing night training tonight so we don't expect him till late. I think tomorrow we might head to the Boston Children's Museum before picking Dad up from ISC. Then a little family lunch in Boston might just be in order.


Shae Watson said...

just makes me smile :) I love your boys!!

Coastie Family said...

Thanks!! We love you too!!