Friday, February 20, 2009


Thanks to everyone for all the great Birthday wishes!!! We had a great day yesterday. Ben took the day off to spend it home with the boys and me. We pretty much did nothing, a few errands but thats it. Just hung out and played inside. It was great. Our friends came over for dinner and cake. Ashlyn knows me all too well and came with a bottle of Oregon wine in hand. THANKS ASHLYN!!! Im going to enjoy that tonight :). About 9pm we got some unexpected snow and it started really coming down. It was crazy. Good thing Ben had today off too so he was able to snow blow the driveways. And we have night time visitors coming around. The last few nights the dog has been going crazy at night and we really were not sure why. Well with the fresh snow this morning we woke up to fresh deer tracks all over. They came up on our back porch, walked all over the backyard came around to the front of the house where they stopped to peek in the window then headed off across the driveway to the woods. It was kinda cool. Im really hoping they come back tonight so I can sneak some pictures :)

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Huston Family said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Love the top pic of you and the boys!! Hope you had a great day! =0)