Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Funny story

Oh my gosh!! I forgot to tell everyone what Ben did this weekend. It was great at least for me cause it wasn't me who did it first. It really kinda sucks but you have to see the humor in it. Cause it was BEN who did it, not me. Just remember that. We are all loading up to get some lobster this weekend. I'm getting into Dena's car as Ben's backing out of the garage in the Tahoe. When all the sudden you hear this loud CRASH. I really wasn't sure what it was but thought nothing of it cause I knew Ben wouldn't have hit the Tahoe backing out. I mean I can't tell you how many lesson's I have gotten in pulling and backing this thing out. How it make it easier, how not to take out the grass, how not to hit the side of the house, I guess he didn't go over "how not to take out the side mirror on the garage" BLAH HAHHAAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Dena looks up and says "Oh No!" I look up to see my pasenger side mirror bent all the way back and the mirror is barley hanging on by a wire. Yes at 1st I was pissed and couldn't believe it then the irony of the whole thing hit me. Wait it gets better. Ben takes off the mirror to glue it back on until we replace it, well as he does that the mirror breaks into 2-3 pieces (i don't remember) so Ben has to drive to Newburyport with a busted up passenger side mirror that doesn't work. Boy am I ever glad that wasn't me. I have about 3 "OPPS" passes in the Tahoe for that now.

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