Monday, February 2, 2009


WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!! What a GREAT end to a wonderful weekend. Please tell me you all watched that game. IT WAS AMAZING!! I was okay till the last 3 minutes. I'm not quite sure what a heart attack feels like but I'm pretty sure I had one. I wasn't about to give up hope and our boys pulled it out!!!! But it was kinda funny, my living room cleared real quick with people not sure what was going to happen. Both Ben and I froze and really were not sure what to do. The last 2 minutes had a lot of "oh shit" "GO BABY GO" and "DID HE CATCH IT" "WAS BOTH FEET IN?" Yes it was just crazy in this house. AZ played a really good game and we applaud them for all they have done this season. Of course we had people over and we had everything black and yellow. I didn't want to go too over board and jinx anything. I'm soooo excited for August and more football to come around. And the best part....Ben and I can say we saw the 2009 Superbowl Champs live that year!!! HOW FREAKING COOL!!!!

The rest of the weekend was great. Friday we hit up Target and I got a really cool little Dyson vacuum. Its like a dust buster on steroids. Its cool. Saturday we were up early and in Home Depot. We finally got these plastic things to cover the windows. Pain in the ass to do but lets hope it saves on these heating costs. GRRRR. After we spend the day looking for sunglasses for me and getting everything ready for Superbowl.

Today was a fun day too. It was actually 45 degrees outside. The boys and I were thinking of going to the beach but couldn't find our shorts. HAHA. I never thought 45 degrees would feel warm. And it's funny, the roofs around the neighborhood are still brown. The snow started to melt off some and you could see the brown, crazy!!! Still no grass yet but I'm convinced that it will take till June to melt off. Not much else going on this week, just hanging out staying warm. Tuesday will bring more snow for us and we just can't wait!!!!

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Karen O said...

miss you guys and I hope you loving winter haha

p.s. look at Amanda's blog real quick :)