Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Yes I am there!!!! We all know that Shell has a HUGE coffee addiction problem. And what has caused Shell to be grouchy and make her want to fly to Newport for the day? Yes her coffee!!!! Some days I swear I would do just about anything for my iced mint mocha from Kundalini's. ANYTHING!!! But I know longer have to dream. Tiffany sent me my creme de mint and ground coffee beans from Kundalini!!!!!!! HOW AWESOME IS SHE? As soon as I opened the box my kitchen smelt like the shop and I was in heaven. I miss it so much and the girls even more but I love that I can make it here now. How knows maybe I will start hook some AM clients of my own. haha


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Shae Watson said...

Good for you!!! Maybe she has a future in mail order coffee packages :) Enjoy!