Thursday, February 26, 2009

More Joys of living in New England

I'm telling you this place just gets better and better!!! LOL. It's funny cause as weird as everything is compared to the West Coast, I, we are actually not surprised by anything anymore. Could it be we are becoming New Englander's? Okay lets not push it everyone!!

We are out shopping one day and Ben talks me into buying a weight set for him. Still not sure how that happened but that man can talk me into anything. So we get it home and start taking it piece by piece to the basement. Well our 1st trip down we turn the corner and what do we find? WATER!! 3 different piles of water puddled along the one side of the basement. We start looking for the leak or wood that could be wet. After searching and searching we come up with nothing. We start the dishwasher again and sit and wait for the leak. Seriously, I sat on a chair in the basement (freezing) staring at the pipes waiting for water. We find the leak and all signs point to the pipes leaking. We clean it up and I try a plumber the next day. Got ahold of a real winner who was NO help at all, push it off till that night for Ben to deal with. Ben comes home, spends some time down there and realizes that some seals are coming loose. So he tightens them up, we clean the little bit of water that leaked that day and call it good. Now we are on day 3, head down in the AM no water, good sign right? Start some laundry, do the dishes and start the dishwasher. Run Noah to school, come home and head downstairs to run. CRAP!!!! There was sooo much water down there I was PISSED!!! Get on the phone with another plumber begging him to come out ASAP cause I was done. Super nice plumber guy (he rocked) tells me that he would love to come out but he would just be ripping me off and in good faith he couldn't do it. Proceeds to inform me that because its the drain pipes (which we knew) and we have a septic system it means it's our septic backing up into the pipes. FREAKING FANTASTIC! Get on the phone to the Septic people who kicked ass too, 30 minutes later they were knocking at my door. I will spare you all the lovely details but 2 1/2 trucks later they finished. In the mist of all this, the neighbors sold their house and were having theirs done at the same time. Just so happens that it was the son of the guy who was pumping/cleaning up ours. Then all the sudden I hear another rumble of a truck heading this way. And why wouldn't the propane guy come at the same time. So we had 4 different trucks all running different hoses and lines to the backyard and they all just happened to know each other. It was like a reunion in my backyard! As everyone loaded up they all handed my their little "tickets" of love and a wonderful smell for the afternoon. After getting Noah from school we didn't return for a few hours. Yes the smell was that bad!!

So the big joke that day was that Shell got another month of heat and is able to flush her toilet, do the dishes and clean clothes for her Birthday gift. THANKS HUNNY I knew you loved me!!! HAHA. But seriously, I miss the days when heat didn't need to be delivered to your house (and cost a small fortune) electricity didn't charge you to "deliver" it to your house and you didn't have to worry about a tank under your grass being too full and water not being able to drain out!!!

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