Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More snow

A few days ago some more of that white stuff fell from the sky. I dont' think its never going to stop. I'm actually kinda afraid to admit it......but......I, Lashelle am actually starting to enjoy it. I guess now that my foot is out of the cast, I'm used to the bitter cold, adjusted to driving in it (Thanks Matt for letting me use your car for walmart) and it's either not as big of a pain in the ass as I made it or I'm just used to it, but bundling the boys up before getting in the car, stripping them down to buckle them and doing it all over again in whatever parking lot we may be in isn't so bad anymore. I'm just glad I have a big enough car to fit all that winter stuff. And even Bryce has come around. He loves playing in the snow now and being bundled up. Him and Noah have been in a 2 day snow ball fight, its super cute. He loves sledding down the driveway face 1st into the street, jumping on the piles of snow face 1st, shoving snow in his mouth and much more. Who would have thought? Sorry Amanda but you have lost your "curl up by the fire while everyone plays in the cold" buddy.

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