Friday, February 27, 2009

Niagara Falls Camping!!!

We have been talking about going camping this summer near Niagara Falls with some friends of ours. Well we (meaning Sarah) made our reservations TODAY!! I'm super pumped! So this June we will all meet up at a KOA camp ground which is only 7 miles to the falls. This will be our 1st time camping with the boys and it should be a BLAST. Okay lets define "camping" with Shell. We must do this in baby steps. Here is the description of our campsite "This rustic kabin sleeps 6 comfortably. Enjoy the view of the pond while swinging on the front porch. Restrooms/water nearby and electricity inside with a fire ring and BBQ at the kabin." So I'm using the word "camping" very loosely. But remember people baby steps. But I'm super excited to get into this whole camping thing. We are even going to start looking into tents so we can really get into it. It will be so much fun to spend time with our friends, and Tim just got back from Bahrain so we haven't seen him in FOREVER!! What makes this trip even better? Sarah and the kids will be following us back to NH to stay. The kids are all going to have so much fun being together again.



Amanda said...

Amanda's definition of camping = The Hilton.

Coastie Family said...

haha, yes Im right there with you. However, I have been told my boys will love camping so here we go. It could be ugly.