Monday, February 16, 2009

Busy Busy Busy Weekend

What a fun filled weekend we had here. Friday night we meet Noah's buddy from school at the bowling alley. We were early so got a game in before they arrived. It was alot of fun and our 1st time Candle Stick bowling. It was really different at first but we enjoyed it. Bryce had so much fun and was totally into it. Noah and his friend were too busy being "cool" and didn't really get over excited about their game. You know how those grown up 5 year olds can be. It was pretty funny.

Saturday we spent most the day cleaning, doing some grocery shopping while waiting for the arrival of our friends from NYC. We were stationed with the Greiner's in Newport for about 4 years together. Dena and I were pregnant with our 1st together too (In case you wanted to know) Saturday we headed to Newburyport where it was just way too cold to get out of the truck so we bought some lobster and headed home. We had a Valentines Day Seafood menu. We had lobster, baked haddock, steamer clams and of course some wine and margaritas. IT WAS YUMMY!!!

Sunday we got up early and headed into Boston. Again it was freezing outside but this time we got out of the truck and walked around. We did the Freedom Trail and ended with the Boston Children's Museum. What a fun place that was. The kids had such a blast there! After Boston we drove clear up to Kittery for a little outlet shopping then back to Seabrook for dinner. WHEW, what a day.

Today they got up early and left before we even had to get Noah to school. Yeah Noah had school today. We had lots of fun being with them again and can't wait for our trip to NYC. It was really great to reminisce about old times and remember things we had forgotten. Like cucumbers and ranch! We spent the rest of the day hanging out and doing a little shopping. Ben's been in the market for a weight bench and weights so we finally picked him up some today. Good thing we did, as we were taking pieces to the basement to put together we realized that we have a water leak. Yep water leak you heard right. The one side of the basement had 3 really good size pools of water. PERFECT!! Ben figured out where the leak was coming from and thank God it hasn't done too much damage. We even got lucky that the toys that were in the water were water proof. Now its just a little matter of getting a hold of our Navy landlords who are underway on a submarine in Hawaii. EVEN BETTER!!!!!

Pictures to follow!!!!


Amanda said...

You WERE busy! It sounds like you did some really great New England touring! I'm jealous.

Candle PIN bowling hehehe!

Coastie Family said...

Yeah its still strange that we can do 3 states in a day and still have time to sit down and eat at a nice resturant!!!

Shae Watson said...

I'm so jealous of your dinner... wish we were there to reunite the whole crew again!! Not that I was living in Newport the whole time... but I came to visit a lot!!! :)