Thursday, May 22, 2008

Airlines, IRS and Credit Cards

Are no longer a pain in my ass! What a nightmare. Trying to get Zeus plane ticket has turned into a hassle. You have to use a different number for shipping animals and cannot get an online price with most airline companies. So after getting every number, calling, waiting on hold, I pushed it off till today. I'm still paying way more then I thought but at least its not as much as Delta wanted to charge, $643.00!!!! WOW

Then the lovely IRS. Seriously do they have to go to a certain class that teaches them how to sound dead on the phone? Lighten up a little guys. All these great stimulus checks are going out. YIPEE. However, ours is going to show up about the time we hit AZ and they will not forward any rebate checks. So I had to call and have our address changed so we can actually get ours. But I'm not holding my breath that it will come while we are in AZ. Well after 2 hours on hold and being transferred its done.

Now onto Credit Cards. I had a WaMu credit card, don't ever get one. Horrible Customer Service. I'm huge on CS so if it sucks bet your sweet ass I'm leaving. Well about 5 months ago I paid it off and closed the account. And to my surprise I get a bill in the mail today. WTF! I call and am informed that the bank didn't account for any fiance charges so I owe them 33.00. Okay its been months. I as politely as possible ask the lady what she needs to do to make this go away? She informs me that I need to pay my bill or go to collections. Yeah that didn't set very well with me. She stated that in my original paper work their was a "clause" explaining this. Well that has been shredding since the account was closed and she could not forward me anything that stated that with my signature, since my account was closed. We went back and forth as to why I wasn't going to pay for their error. Finally she got a manager (like I had asked 10 minutes ago) the manager stated to me that she would wave the fee's. And agreed with me the it was an employee of WaMu's fault. And to have a nice day.

So after about a total of 5 hours on the phone today I will never push off phone calls again. Now I'm off to actually get some packing and cleaning done for our checkout. Have a nice night.

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