Sunday, May 25, 2008

The day before

We check into our hotel. Still so much to do and now it seems like there is no time to get it done. House is a mess, dishes are dirty, a few loads of laundry to wash, and much much more. Did I mention that I also have a fever vomiting toddler? Yes Bryce has the flu. It started yesterday. Poor baby is miserable. I'm crossing my fingers that it's only a 24 hour thing.

Yesterday my friend from Reno came down to see us before we take off. She brought her son with her and Noah was so excited to be back with Zack. She took them to the beach and they ran and ran and ran. Then came home and ran some more. The Naylor's came over later for one last BBQ at our house. I was beginning to get sad about this then Bryce started vomiting. So no time for tears. I did a great job keeping Bryce away from everyone and even started teaching him to throw up in the toilet. After the 1st 3 loads of vomit I was done. I was able to keep him hydrated last night. Every hour I was up making sure he got at least an ounce of pedilite. Not sure how I remembered to wake up but I did it. And he kept it down. He actually just woke up from his nap and is sitting here with me while I type. Feels like his fever has broke too. YIPEE!!

So tomorrow we check into the Hotel. Noah can't wait, Bryce has no clue whats going on, Ben is a working maniac and I'm We still have a really busy week before we make our way to California. I'm sure it will go by extremely fast. We can't wait to see everyone!

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