Saturday, May 10, 2008

Trike A Thon

Every year Noah's preschool holds a St. Jude Children's Hospital Trike A Thon. The kids have a great time and we raise a lot of money for the Hospital. The Trike A Thon took place on Thursday, I'm just a little late getting pictures up. The kids all had a blast and everything went great. With about 30 different bikes to choose from, hot dog/lemonade stand, face painting and wacky hair, there was enough to keep everyone busy. A lot of parents came out this year and that was awesome. In between making sure every station was running smoothly, getting snacks/lunches out, helping out with safety and sending kids to "driving school" and dealing with high schooler's, I actually had time to visit with the parents and enjoy my kids riding around. Here is another slide show of pictures (Ben took a bunch)

Now all I have left to tackle at preschool is Graduation. YIPEE!!!


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