Friday, May 2, 2008

Bryce and Mom (not the prettiest post)

So the last few days have SUCKED big time. Bryce isn't doing much better. No more fevers, but his blister are still around. His face is starting to break out, the amount of snot coming outta his nose should be illegal, along with snot we have blood as well, huge hard balls of ear wax are working their way outta his ears, and this morning he woke up screaming scared shitless. His eyes were swollen and glued shut from all the crap that came out them last night. So after a warm washcloth, fighting with Mom and more screaming we got his eyes open. They are pretty blood shot red and swollen still. But they don't seem to be bothering him so I guess that's good.

And I got sick too. Im finally starting to feel a little better but not 100%. Don't really remember the last meal I ate. My throat is filled with needles right now so I don't swollow much. I'm super tired and achy. Last night I swore that I had mono (again) but when I woke up this morning I could actually swallow my own spit. So that was a good sign. I'm praying that I just get better by the hour today.

Of course Noah and Ben haven't missed a beat. Ben is back to work for the weekend. He has 1st all weekend long so it will be a long one. Loyalty Days is also this weekend so I'm hoping that we are better to enjoy some of the festivities. Time will tell.

We hope everyone else is having a wonderful and healthy weekend!!

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