Tuesday, May 27, 2008

First Day in the Hotel

So today was the day that the moving company was suppose to come and pack our house. They called me(Ben) While I was at our house awaitng thier arrival.
MC: Mr Molnar I am sorry to tell you but we are not gona make it out to pack your house up today.
Ben: What really?
MC: Yes sir, They will be out there first thing tommorrow morning and will pack one day and load the next.
Ben: Um OK.

What can I really say? NO YOU NEED TO COME TODAY!!!
It kinda makes things a little easier. I guess....It gives us some time to finalize a few things. I am just about done "getting ready for the movers" With as much prep as we have put into this move. We should have just done it ourselves. Organizing each room so they can pack like things in the same boxes. Putting all the nik-naks in ziploc bags to make it easier when we unload. That way it's not all dumped on the bottom of the box. I hate to break it to shell but we are probably gonna move ourselves next.....we'll see how that goes. Right babe??? :P

Well at least we have a nice room to relax in. See everybody soon.

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