Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day Weekend. We had a nice quite weekend around here. Which was really nice for a change. Ben had the weekend off but managed to hurt his lower back. So was down and out most the weekend. I really don't remember what took place on Friday, not sure if that's a good or bad thing. Saturday the boys and I got up early and took off to cheer Taylie on in her 1st Tee Ball game. I must say I'm glad Noah doesn't play Tee Ball, I forgot how boring it is. But Noah had fun running around with Daygen and Bryce entertained Kayla. Since she has a broken leg and can't do anything. Came home did lunch and naps then took off with Brandie for some "no kid shopping" We really didn't know what to do with ourselves. We did however only go into 1 kids store and managed to get outfits for family pictures. Brandie came up with a cute idea and we went from there. Not sure when these pictures are going to take place but at least I have the clothes :) By the time we got home, our friends were already in town. Hung out for a bit then took off to Waldport for some pizza and ice cream. After putting the boys to bed we played Mario Cart for hours. What a fun game that is! Sunday, Ben really wasn't much better so we hung out being lazy most the day. Our friends took off around dinner and I went and got Chinese to bring home. It was also Survivor final night so the boys were off to bed at 730pm so we could veg out alone. That was nice.

We are down to 2 weeks till movers come. And I'm how starting to feel overwhelmed. But not much to do about that but push threw. So made a few calls today. Got the dog set up with all his vet appts, off to Corvallis Wed to get his kennel, boys appts (for shots) this week, CG picnic on Wed, finish graduation invites Tuesday to hand out Thursday, garage sale Saturday and I'm sure I'm forgetting about 5 other things. Good thing I don't work :)

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