Wednesday, May 7, 2008

No rest for the weary

Seriously can we get a vacation? Oh wait we are in 3 weeks, in between moving our family back east. Things are piling up now that our time is limited. And it's getting tricky, but I think we are doing a great job keeping everything lined up and on track. Ben is finishing up his last couple weeks at work, took his test, getting the Chevy ready for transport, got the intake in the Hoe done yesterday and is even getting things outta the garage. YIPEE! I'm hoping that he has time to get started on the paint for the Chevy this weekend. But with this being his LAST weekend off before we move, the list is endless. And we have friends coming into town this weekend too. I have been thrown a few curveballs but still managing to get things taken care of. I have been asked to "help" out at the preschool for the next few weeks. We only have 2 more "big" events going on so it shouldn't be too bad. The trike a thon is tomorrow and then graduation. I'm really glad I went in today. Turns out nothing has been getting done for Graduation. I finally took the Seniors aside today and told them to either "help out or get out" I don't think they appreciated that but I really didn't care. Plus I was a little nicer to them. And when I left everything was ready to be set up for tomorrow's trike a thon. Should be fun.

The boys have been testing every limit the last week or so. It seems every time I turn around they are messing something up or making me stop to remind them why we don't do certain things. Noah has now teamed up with Bryce and is causing havic. They are so lucky I have a sense of humor or they might be shipped to boarding school by now. Like last night Ben and I were going over some moving plans, Noah was going to the bathroom and Bryce was playin in his room (or so we thought) Open the bathroom door to find this:

yes that is a brand new bottle of shampoo that Bryce has dumbed all over him and the floor. I just got done cleaning that bathroom too! Ben and I tried so hard not to laugh but couldn't help it.
Bryce also had his hair cut yesterday for the 2nd time. I'm not really a big fan of it but he likes it. I wish it was shorter. Here is a before and after.

I have a few pictures of Ben and Bryce that I want to get up too but I will later. I also have a really really cute new niece to brag about but she gets her own post. I'm sure I will be back to show her off tonight. Other then that, that's all I got for today. Stay tuned for Trike A Thon pictures tomorrow sometime :)

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