Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Where did it go.......

Our time in Newport is alomst up. Movers come Tuesday and we check into our hotel Monday. Noah can't wait to get into the hotel. He thinks we are going to live there. We have mixed feelings about leaving Newport. We know it's time but it's hard not to feel like we are leaving behind a part of us. I know our memories will stay with us forever and our life long friends we have made here will too. It's just becoming emotional for us. We went to the Newport Cubs Baseball game last night. They are playing for State, so we took the boys out to cheer them on. We were watching them practice the other day on our way to the park. Noah hit it off with the coach. He asked him to come on the field and watch then gave him a ball after practice was over. From there it was settled, Noah has told me he will play baseball! Anyways back to the game. The cubs kicked ass and we had a great time. We saw so many people we knew there. Some we haven't seen in years. It was so nice to be able to see everyone again. Had we not gone we would have never been able to say "goodbye" to them. But it just made us both realize everything we have done in Newport. I guess you could say it was bitter sweet. But regardless if we are ready or not we are leaving.

So update on the move: We pick the Honda up today, still need to get the dog a plane ticket and kennel. I was able to go threw everything in the house and sort threw it all. Sold everything we didn't want to take with us even some we weren't planning on. Which brings me to report, that Ben's truck is gone. Yes the guys came and picked it up today. I'm so sad for Ben. It has been his baby since Highschool. He completly rebuilt the engine in our garage. But too many other things started going wrong. He fixed the electrical thing took it for a test drive and the drive line fell out on hwy 101. We both decieded that it was best to see it go and work on getting him something else that wasn't a total wreck. There was just too much damage incurred by the last owner to save it. So Ben pulled the engine out (he is going to sell or keep it) called a wrecking place and it was picked up today. Good news is we didn't have to pay for it to be taken. Since Ben had just put a new rear end in it they waved it.

Other then that we are moving right along. Both boys go in for shots and check ups Tuesday so that should be a good time. Since that is the day the movers get here, I'm flying solo on it. Wish me luck!

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