Monday, May 5, 2008

Parade, Carnival and BABY

Ben beat me to the parade post. But he forgot to say how awesome the boys were. Noah was freaking great. He either stood up in the back, or sat in the drivers seat, yelling "HELLO PEOPLE" and waving. It was great. Brandie and I held choc. milk over the kids to keep waving. It worked wonders for Noah. Saturday was Bryce's only day he was feeling good so he was an angle too.

That night I took Noah and Daygen to the carnival. My friend Rochelle and her little boy joined us. The boys had such a blast running from ride to ride. I'm sure Noah thought he was in heaven. After every ride he would run up to us "Mom that was hilarious, I yelled the whole time" Would give me a big hug and say "Thanks Mom." He is so sweet. I can't wait for Disneyland.

Today the dog and Bryce both had doctors appts. The dog passed with flying colors and will be ready to fly to Boston. Bryce however, has an ear infection and an infection in both his eyes. More meds are in his near future. But he is sleeping like a rock right now. And I am happy to report we had no tears this time for Dr. Rash. Dr. Rash also stocked us up on our "everyday" meds for our travels across the US this summer. So I think we are almost ready to head out.

Even better news, I'M GOING TO BE ANOTHER AUNT SOON!!! That's right Jess is in the hospital getting ready to have Baby Ventura. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. Both Amanda and I have been playing "The baby game" and emailing back and forth most the day waiting to hear the news. Until then enjoy some more pictures.

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