Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bad Start

Today was Noah's 1st day of school, Ben flew out and my 2nd day with Emma. Did I really expect things to go smoothly? Not really but I never knew it would have been this stressful. Last night ended up being a late night for Ben and I. After cutting Noah's hair, packing up, cleaning up, and Ben's buddy stopped by it was well after 11:30 before we turned out the lights. So you can imagine that 5:45am came way to early. But we were up and out of the house by 6:15am. By 7:00am Ben realized that the directions from Google were wrong and I was never going to make it back in time for Emma. Seriously this is the 2nd time we have gotten directions from Google out here and have been wrong, what is that? Anyways, we were back home by 7:15am. I ran upstairs to shower, Ben played musical car seats, Noah ran upstairs to get dressed and I'm not really sure what Bryce did. Rushed to get some breakfast for the boys and by 7:45am we were +1 and back on the road. Ben got to the airport in time and I rushed to get Noah to school. But we didn't make it in time. He was 15 minutes late for his 1st day of his new Preschool. With all the madness this morning I only got 1 picture. So on Friday I'm going to "reenact" Noah's 1st day of school.

Noah was sad that he had to leave Dad at the airport and even sadder that Dad was going to OR without Noah. He wants to go back to OR soooo baaaaddddd. So his teacher met us at the door where Noah told her all about the airport and how sad he was. She was super sweet and they talked for a little bit. Noah also had to bring a picture book in from his old school. Asked if he could show her some pictures, then started naming off people to her. When a little boy walked up and said "hello." Noah showed him a picture of his buddy Daygen. And told him that Daygen would not be at this school and lives in OR but he is still his buddy. Good darn thing I left my sun glasses on cause my eyes were filled with tears. I know its harder on me cause of my own guilt. But I guess I better get used to it. This will not be the 1st or last time that Noah will leave friends behind to start a new school.

So that has been our morning so far. The 2 babies are upstairs sleeping and Noah is in and out of it on the couch from his early morning. I can already tell you it's going to be an early night for all of us!!

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Huston Family said...

Awwww I am so sorry to hear about Noah. I feel you pain. One too many times McKayla has left behind some amazing friends and I feel so horrible about it. I hope things start to smooth out! Tell Ben I am also mad at him for being in OR! LOL