Monday, September 15, 2008


Yes thats right the Steelers are 2-0 as of yesterday. YIPEE!! I wish they would have played a little better last night but at least they got the win. And did anyone see the USC game? What a blow out that was. Another college team that is off to a great start is ND. GO IRISH!! Okay enough football talk. We did do more this weekend then sit in front of the TV, i sware.

Friday we went out to Adam and Ashlyn's for dinner and got home late. Saturday we got up did some cleaning (will it ever end?) Then heading off to Sears where we finally bought paint. We starting painting our bathroom and got paint to do the boys as well. I actually enjoyed painting. Not the best at it but it looks good. I'm hoping to start on the boys bathroom once the babies go down. Sunday we finished cleaning up the paint stuff, grocery shopping, football and duty. I can't really complain cause its been like 4-5 months since the guy as stood any kind of duty but I don't like duty days. That stupid phone was beeping all day long. He ended up heading in around 4ish but was home in time to kiss the boys goodnight.

We are all super excited for this week. Want to know why? GRANDMA WILL BE HERE!!! Grandma flys in on Wed. they boys (and us) are really excited to see her. Noah is hoping that she will bring her motorcycle.

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