Thursday, September 4, 2008


Ben made it safe and sound in PDX yesterday. And of course he starts sending me all kindas of pictures to my phone. This is when I realized how much this sucks! He moves me all the way over here just to go back for a fun quick trip. I'm super jealous and those pictures didn't help. I sat in my bed most the night picturing what a beautiful drive it was from the airport to Astoria. Watching the sun go down over the Astoria Bridge. Then just started thinking of our time in Astoria and how much fun we had. When Ben sends me this picture.

This is the view from his room. They built a new hotel right under the Astoria Bridge. I used to drive that long ass bridge everyday to work and never thought I would miss it. It was a scary bridge in the winter time. The side that Ben is on is Oregon and the other is Washington. So I took a picture of my view, Noah all cuddled up in bed with Mom. Asked for no more pictures till he is home with us, wished him a great night, decieded that this Surfman meeting was gay, and that I definatly had a better view then went to bed.

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