Friday, September 26, 2008

Boring, Lazy Friday

Well it's Friday. YIPEE! I'm ready for a full weekend of absolutely nothing to do. I'm sure Soccer will be canceled due to the storm that's coming in today. So that's a bummer. Ben has overnight duty the next 2 days, bigger bummer. And we have nobody to go visit. Now don't everybody jump up at once to come over, I'm sure we will manage. Noah had school today and as usual he didn't want to come home and Bryce wanted to stay as well. After about 20 minutes I got the boys to leave. One day I'm really going to leave Bryce there. HA that would be funny. Noah came home and informed me that he was going to live with Sean. Sean is a new friend at school. He also told me that Sean's Dad is his Uncle, yeah I'm hoping he is just confused. I told him we would be so sad without him here. He informed me that it would be okay cause he would text us to say "HI." I think we text too much. After 30 minutes of Noah begging me to go to Sean's house, I told him if I hear another word about moving in with Sean he was going to his room the rest of the day. I'm sure he is now really wanting to move out.

So with Noah happy with Mom I decided it was a great time to start painting. Seriously, I don't really think things threw most the time. Turns out painting with 2 boys awake and ready to play and a dog that is wound up from not being able to go out in the rain isn't the best idea. After Bryce took my swiffer and emptied the bottle in the living room I threw in the towel. Now Bryce is in sleeping and Noah is having his quite time. You would think I would finish painting but I'm blogging.

Hopefully the rain will not be too bad tonight and we can head up to see Ben at the station. That is if I don't get lost again. Did I tell everyone that it took me an hour to get there last time? Yeah it was a great time!!!

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