Thursday, September 11, 2008

What do you think?

First, notice the countdowns at the bottom? Grandma comes in 5 days!!! Every airplane that Bryce sees he yells for Grandma, its cute. Okay now look at the other countdown.....78 days till the game! I can't believe it. But to be honest the reality of spending the small fortune on 2 tickets is starting to set in. Okay wait, yep it's gone. WE GOING TO THE STEELERS GAME!

Remember the Ultimate Fan Helmet I posted. It came in the mail. Its the funniest thing ever! The boys love it and it will definitely be keeping your head warm in the winter time. I'm not sure if I will be wearing it to the game. I look a little ridiculous in it. But I think Ben is wearing it. We also got decorative face stickers in the mail too. I will be wearing those. Here are a few pictures of Bryce in the Helmet and 1 of me. What do you think?


Huston Family said...

Go Shell! Its totally you! LOL

Shae Watson said...

I think you and Erik are going to look great in those things, hahaha!!!