Thursday, September 18, 2008


I think this house is about to explode with excitement if tomorrow doesn't come fast enough. Grandma will be here tomorrow morning and we cant wait! After Grandma gets here we are all loading up to Flume Gorge. And we get to finally meet Karen. I'm not sure who else is coming up with them. But I think it's a car full. It will be a great time.

Then Saturday Noah starts Soccer. He can't wait. I think he is more excited because Grandma will be there to watch him. We went out and got him some new shoes last night. They don't want the kids to be in cleats at this age so we got him a new pair of Nike's. He of course is running around the basement right now with his new shoes on. Silly boy.

Ben also starts leave as of tomorrow and will be home for a week. I'm super excited about that! I love when he is home with us. I'm hoping to be able to get into Noah's school to volunteer. I'm also hoping to finalizing things for our Halloween party. We have decided to throw a kids Halloween party in the basement. It's the perfect place for it. And after all my parties in Newport Noah is just expecting Mom to have kids parties here too. So with all my party planning friends scattered threw out the US now I enlisted Ben to help out. Should be a good time.

We hope everyone has a great weekend too! And did I mention we are having Lobster again tonight? Okay maybe being on the East Coast isn't all that bad.

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