Sunday, September 21, 2008

A great weekend (in reverse)

Where do I start? We are just getting home from Bobby and Karen's house and what a wonderful time we had. They are just the nicest people ever and really made us feel like family. We also got to meet Melissa and Lil Bobby and were able to see Amanda again. It was great. They had us out for a BBQ today. I'm just hoping that after my klutz of a family left they invite us back out. Seriously, Bryce fell backwards in the chair bit threw his tongue then got his finger smashed in the gate, Noah fell off the bike and took a pretty good fall but not before I was bit by some sort of bee on my cheek. The whole side of my face went numb and it stung pretty bad before that. Even my nose was numb. It was weird. I had a huge lump about the size of a quarter on my face but I was assured that it just looked like a huge zit so all was good. Thanks guys! We had way too much food and the boys played hard. I don't think I'm ever getting those grass stains off Noah's pants. Between Soccer, Football, bikes, 4 wheelers, and roasting marshmallows my 2 were dead tired when we left. And I am excited to announce we have a sitter for the big game!!!! THANKS MELISSA (and maybe Amanda too) you rock!!! I took my camera but wouldn't you know I left it in the trunk. OPPS.

Grandma stayed the night Saturday and we were all thrilled to have her. We woke up somewhat early and started getting ready for Soccer. It was Noah's 1st day of Soccer. He couldn't wait. I wasn't really sure what to expect, that was a sport I never got into. Looks like I'm going to be talking to Lisa about Soccer soon. I thought I knew what park we were going to but then realized I didn't. So we had to stop at the post office to get directions. A really nice guy let us follow him there and good thing cause we would have never found the place. It was great watching about 25 4 year olds running around doing drills. After about 45 minutes they broke off into groups and had a little scrimmage. Noah had a blast. His group was the only 1 doing anything the rest of the kids all sat down by this time. He even scored a goal. It was cute. So every Saturday for the next 5 Saturdays I will be talking about Soccer. Then I was informed that they go straight into Basketball. Fun times! We stopped at the Harley dealership then it was home for lunch and naps. Melissa showed up shortly after and we all played Soccer in the backyard. Grandma left and we just hung out relaxing the rest of the day.

Friday we met Grandma, Karen and Amanda at Flume Gorge. It was amazing! After walking for a few hours we took off to ride the tram 1600 feet up a mountain. That was also amazing. When we got to the top it there was so many Christmas trees. It was cool! The Gorge however was like nothing I have ever seen before. It’s a must if your in the area. We got so many amazing pictures and had a great time. I’m sure some of you ready are wondering if I’m going to talk about my near death experience. We are just getting started and Debbie says “I remember when we used to walk across” Amanda and I think it’s a great idea and take off. We stood there mapping which way we would go and I started out 1st. Everything was going fine until about the 3rd step. I slipped and fell right on my ass and slide down the gorge Ben says it was 3-4feet I sware it was at least 9. But whatever, it was scary. I wasn’t able to stop and I didn’t know what to do. So you think my husband who is trained to save lives in danger when in the water and with all this SAR training would have jumped in to save me right? Well you couldn't be more wrong. Everyone stood watching me laughing their heads off. But I was assured that they got lots of pictures. Great! I finally stop and get to my feet trying to walk slowly up the slippery rocks to Amanda. Who is standing on this rock just big enough for her trying to grab my hand. All I could think is that we were both going to fall in. It was a mess, but no worries I made it out of the gorge just fine. After my great experience Ben and Amanda think they can still make it and sure enough they did. So the rest of the time I was soaking wet. And wouldn’t you know about a mile up from where we were they had a sign “Stay off, Rocks slippery” Yep they are right!


Shae Watson said...

Your trip sounds like it was super fun!! And I'm freakin' stoked you have a sitter!!! (You totally love that I wrote "stoked" you Cali girl) Love ya!!

Coastie Family said...

Your like totally catching on!