Friday, April 4, 2008

Bad start

Yesterday was a busy, busy day. We all woke up got Noah off to preschool then Ben, Bryce and I heading to the range. Took off just in time to get Noah come home do lunch and pack for LC then out the door. Got home around dinner, played with the boys a little, cleaned, made dinner then I was off to help decorate for a going away party tonight. Came home and Ben was out the door heading to the station. It all seemed like a great idea yesterday but at the outlet we realized it wasn't. The boys were kinda fussy because they didn't get their nap/quite time and we were worn out too.

Then last night was just great. Bryce was up fussing most the night. He doesn't sleep well if he doesn't get a nap. And the boy would not go to sleep in the car. So I didn't sleep well then Noah got up around 715ish, did I mention I had just got Bryce back to sleep. He had been crying since about 5ish. And that is just way too early to wake up in this house. So Noah starting watching TMNT in bed with me till about 8ish when Bryce got back up. Since the joy has been awake he has cried, screamed, thrown fits, picked on Noah, driving me nutz and has been in time out a few times. At this point I'm ready to skip naps and go straight to bed. To top it all off I can barely lift my hand from that stupid hot gun yesterday!! And my arm is all bruised up. Im totally blamming this one on Ben, thanks Babe! :)

Did I mention we have a going away party tonight? So no early bedtime for Shell.

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