Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Trip to OHSU

Today was our family adventure out to OHSU Children's Hospital for Noah's cardiologist appt. And I say adventure because every minute was an adventure. After a couple "poop" your pants maneuvers by Ben we made to the airport to drop off Brandie and Mikalya. With 30 minutes till their plane left, they were off and running. We had about 3 hours before Noah's appt so we took off to walk around the new outside mall by the airport. The mall was nice but the weather wasn't. I took Ben to IKEA for his 1st time (LOVE THAT STORE) he was impressed. Left to get some lunch the off to OHSU.

Noah's appt went very well (once we were seen) The doctor we saw was very nice and we enjoyed him. He ended up consulting with the head Pediatric Cardiologist who was just as wonderful. Bottom line~ Yes, Noah has a heart murmur, but it's just a normal murmur as of now. And are thinking he will most likely grow outta it. Which is common in young kids. However, Noah never had one before so it brought up some flags.

The boys were awesome on our day out. So we all had a really good time. Noah was cracking us up all day with his stories. I just wish everyone could hear his stories. Bryce was being silly too. We left at 7am and got home at 715pm. It was a long day. But Noah couldn't wait to call Grandpa and tell him all about his heart.
"Grandpa my heart isn't broke now it's all better." "And Grandpa, I have 3 hearts now." He had 3 BP done (cause they keep coming in too low) so he thinks it was because he has 3 hearts.

Now I'm off to the races. Zeus has an appt today in Toledo. I have some laundry, packing, grocery shopping, naps, and a few errand's in town, shower and clean all before dinner. BYE!!

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