Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend Updates

Nothing too exciting this weekend around here. At least no alligator stories to tell. (Matt your NUTZ!!) Our weather has been a little outta control. We have had sunshine, hail and we even woke up Sunday morning to a nice blanket of snow covering everything. Craziness! Noah enjoyed throwing snow at his brother on our way to get coffee that morning, Byrce didn't like it very much.

Friday we just hung out and did nothing. Scratch that, I took Bryce to the doctor. Fun times. He doesn't have a full blown ear infection yet but we were given some numbing drops to see if that would help with his discomfort. We also talked a little about night tremors. I'm hoping we don't have to do that again. As usual Bryce screamed the whole time Dr. Rash was in the room. He had his ears flushed out and was just not happy about that at all. Dr. Rash and I laughed for the most part. I also had a fun experience with Noah Friday afternoon. Since the Honda has been fixed we LOVE driving it again. Well I got a little outta control with the speed limit and got pulled over with Noah in the car. He was scared at 1st cause he thought the cop was Megatron. Yes from Transformers. Noah kept calling him Megatron and the cop thought it was the funniest thing ever. He did not give me a ticket just asked me to slow down and get a front license plate. So of course Noah had to tell Grandpa and Grandma last night on the phone and everyone else he talks to. Thanks Noah! After Bryce's appt we took Noah and Daygen out to get and play some games.
Saturday~ We hung around the house until it was time for Ben's basketball game. Then the boys and I packed up and went swimming up in Lincoln City. Bryce was a blast in the pool. He thought it was just the funnest thing ever and laughed the entire time. Noah did great swimming and we all had a great time. I think we are heading back up tonight with Dad.
Sunday~ I managed to get all our laundry done. YES! We went thru some more things for the move. And are still trying to figure out what we are getting rid of. Im nervous that we are going to be over our weight limit so Im in the "get rid of it" stage. So far the computer table and Entertainment Center are top on the list. Now if I could just work Ben on the garage stuff we would be great.

The days are just flying by now. We are down to 5 weeks before the movers come and I can't believe it. Wednesday we are heading up to OHSU Childrens Hospital for Noah's appt with his Cardiologist. I'm praying that everything goes smoothly and we can be done with heart tests for awhile.

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