Monday, April 14, 2008

Another rainy Monday

Monday, Monday, Monday......What a another raining lazy day here in the Molnar house. The boys are laying down watching High School Musical 2 and I'm working on some laundry. Real exciting I know.

We had a great weekend filled with sunshine, heat, ice cream, bounce houses, water playing, bubbles, BBQing, bike riding, garage sales and lots of laughs. We got up to 75 degrees here in Newport on Saturday, which has only happened about 9 times in the 6 years we have been here. We decided to skip the beach figuring everyone in their mother would be down enjoying the sun. Ben did up some chicken after the birthday party on Saturday. Some friends came over and we all sat outside talking and playing with the kids. The kids had a great time in the bounce house and everyone LOVED the chicken as usual. All the kids were an absolute mess from all the bbq sauce and dirt that stuck to it!

But don't worry the rain was back on Sunday. I got up early to help Tiff set up for the garage sale. Ben and the boys joined about 9ish. But after naps Noah was still so excited to go to the Beach. So we bundled the boys up and heading down to the Beach. Poor Bryce froze running around but soon warmed up in Daddy's arms. Noah however, had to wear his board shorts and dig for sand crabs. And of course Mom had to help him. So their is Noah and I in the water digging for sand crabs. The water was warmer then the air so I didn't mind it very much. We found some awesome shells and even a few silver dollars. That was cool. We didn't take a camera down so I don't have any pictures of the purple boys at the beach. We came home warmed up in a bath, ate some dinner, played some wii then off to bed for the boys. Ben and I got a few hours of cuddle time just to us before we headed to bed.

I'll work on getting a slide show together for pictures. I was playing around with the Digital Rebel again this weekend. Took so many great pictures, I'm back in love with the camera. Poor Ben.......

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