Monday, April 7, 2008

Rain, Rain go away

Another lazy weekend in Oregon. It rained all weekend and Ben had duty. So we pretty much hung out around the house and did nothing. I'm actually pretty surprised at how little I was able to accomplish around the house this weekend for not leaving it. VERY LAZY SHELL! We did have another wonderful party at the Anderson's Friday for Matt and Tiff's going away. I was introduced to Jagger bombs, not my favorite. Ben came home early to relive the babysitter and I stumbled/rolled in about 1am. I will post some pictures later, maybe.

Saturday the boys and I spent the day playing inside, watching TV, doing some laundry and pretty much making a mess of the house. Real excited I know. Sunday we did a little more cleaning (only cause Matt and Tiff were coming over) had our Sunday ROL dinner night and played Wii all day. I must say that I kick some serious ass in tennis. I think I missed my calling in life. HAHA

We have been battling another asthma episode for Byrce. He has had this cold for a few weeks now, he has been wheezing and a gasping cough as well but nothing too serious. Well I think it has just taken a toll on him cause he slept ALOT this weekend. He went to bed around 830ish last night at slept until 945am. I was in heaven. But he is not wanting to nap right now......

Noah is just skipping along. He skips everywhere now, crazy kid. He has been working really hard, doing chores to earn money for Optimus Prime. He finally got enough money and was able to buy it on Sunday. It is the new love of his life. He is currently ADDICTED to Transformers, TMNT, Shark Boy and Lava Girl (all time fav.) and of course let's not forget Spongebob. We spent most of the weekend play either one of these. He still has such a great imagination. He actually just went in to wake Dad up by saying "HAPPY EASTER DAD!" He comes up with the strangest things, I love it.

Other then that we are just still laying around today enjoying the rain being lazy. However, Ben and I have big dinner plans at 6pm. I can't wait! Another year makes 9 and I love him more and more everyday!!!

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Amanda said...

I'm glad you've got fun plans for your anniversary!

I've got a whole box of toys with TMNT, Power Rangers, and Transformers in it for the boys. Zack was obsessed but doesn't play with them as much anymore so he's going to pass them along to his cousins.

Next time you're at the doctor ask about singulair for Bryce. Skyler was a sick asthmatic mess until she got on that - I can't believe the difference. I know we've talked about it before, maybe he's too young. Sky was 3 when she first went on it - life has been amazingly different since. I hope he's feeling better!

Love - A