Monday, April 28, 2008

4 Weeks to go.....

We are down to 4 weeks until our movers come. I can hardly believe it. Where has the time gone? Every weekend from here on out is booked and most the weeks to, its going to fly by.

We took of Friday for Portland again. But this time for fun. We met up with some friends Friday for dinner and shopping. Then headed back to our Hotel for a little swim time. The boys were so excited about staying in a hotel it was nutz. Saturday came way to soon and we were off to Levi and Becky's for breakfast then out to Bullwinkle's. After a few stops we finally arrived. I was so excited to see that the weather was actually nice. Who would have thought? However, in the back of my head all day I was worried about Bryce burning. But lucky us no burns. Noah had a blast riding on the go carts and playing tons and tons of games. They also had miniature golf, rock climbing, jumping, bumper boats, laser tag, toddler play area, and batting cages. However, Noah was just too small to enjoy these activities and Ben and I didn't want to get wet. We were going to golf but Bryce wasn't really feeling all that well so we didn't. Towards the end Bryce started running a fever and was just not happy at all. He ended up falling asleep in my arms, even with all the noise. We left soon after that. But we all had a great time in Portland and seeing Levi and Becky again was nice.

We got home Saturday around 630ish, got the boys outta the truck and they both started running fevers. Bryce was up to 101.2 and Noah was at 102.5. I stayed inside with the boys while crazy Ben did some yard work. He did our yards and the neighbors next door. Not really sure what was/is up with the boys. After a semi long night with Noah he's fever broke around 9am and Bryce woke up and was fine.

Sunday we just hung around most the morning. By the afternoon the sun came out and we headed outside. Ben took off to get some ribs to BBQ up and the Noah and I played with Zeus out front. Noah is in love with our neighbors Kevin and Goldene, so they came over and took Noah to there house to play. Kevin and Noah built motorcycles and played bubbles with Goldene. It was so sweet. Plus Goldene is days away from having a little baby girl and Noah just thinks that the coolest thing ever. Danny came over later to hang out with the kids. They ended up staying for dinner and a movie. It had been about 4 days since the kids last saw each other so they were going nutz. But Bryce missed Mikayla and I was lost with Brandie :(

I'm super excited for this week. Noah goes back to school, I have a pampered chef party, I also get to meet a fellow CC who just moved to town with her family, and we have loyalty days this weekend.

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