Friday, April 11, 2008

For the love of Worms

Today has been such a beautiful day, heck we even broke 60! We got up early headed to Noah's school for my graduation meeting. Yep that's right, I have been asked to plan the graduation this year. Normally would not be a big deal, I love this stuff. However, Graduation is on May 29th at 630pm. Could anything else go on that week? Memorial Day is the 26th, movers start packing the 27th, moving truck comes 29th (i believe) and ck out is on the 30th. We will also be "hoteling" it that week. So I meet with the highschoolers today to get everything going. We got everything planned, jobs handed out and I have a really good feeling about this. Lets cross our fingers that it all runs smooth :)

After we came home and played outside for the rest of the morning then had a picnic in the front yard. Ben took off for Corvallis, put Bryce down and Noah and I have been playing in the backyard. Both my boys are "all boy" as everyone says. They have taught be alot about not being a baby when it comes to bugs, worms, dirt everywhere, and everything else my lovely boys can get into. Noah has a new love for worms. I never liked worms but seeing how excited these gross little things make my son, I find myself helping him look for them. Our backyard is filled with them and he LOVES IT. He has dumped out the dogs water bowl, filled it with dirt and a little water and has about 30 worms in it. He has just about named every single one and thinks they are "his babies" He is now sitting outside in his little chair, having a snack watching them play. And his attire is great too. He started out in his basketball clothes today, cause he had a big game at school. Changed into his skater clothes earlier, cause he was going to the skate park with his buddies. (ie~ skateboard in the backyard, i don't dare let him take it to the skate park....yet, but he has been begging for it) now is back in is bball shorts and flip flops, no shirt cause he is just "too sweaty" It's only 55 degrees out and he is hot. Too funny!

Other then that we are just hanging out waiting for Ben to get back home. I think some back yard work is in the afternoon plans, then I'm heading to Georgies tonight with the girls, tomorrow we are planning on taking the boys and dog to the beach, Landon's party, a BBQ at our house (Ben's doing chicken, YUMMY), Sunday, helping Tiff with her garage sale, playing in the sun, and re-covering from Saturday. So hopefully I will have some fun pictures on Monday.

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