Friday, April 11, 2008

Sticking to Basketball

Shortly after my last post Noah had an accident on his skateboard. He was out there doing some tricks. He thought that he was big enough/brave enough to jump some cars he had out there. He started skating then when he got close he really did try to jump them, I walked out just in time. I was just a second too late to stop him and just in time to pick him up. He obviously didn't make it, fell off but skid across the board before hitting the ground. Other then a few scraches on his shin and his ankle scrached up and bleeding (a little) he was fine. But by the tears you would have thought he cut off his foot. Lesson learned, he told me "Mom I think I'm too little to skate like a turtle, I should just watch them and play basketball Troy." I have told you he thinks he is Troy from High School Musical?

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