Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Testing a new camera

I have wanted a digital rebel for as long as I can remember. Well Ben bought the one I want for the station. So for the last couple days Ben has brought the camera home so he can learn more about it. Which me and I have been playing with it as well. I still like it but I'm not too impressed with it. I thought for sure I would want to run out and get one but now I'm thinking of looking around some more. I still really like the fact that I have 2 lenses (which I don't hardly use anymore) that I can use with it. But I'm not totally sold.

So yesterday we got about a 2 hour break from the rain and actually saw this foreign object called the sun. It was still cold as heck outside but we ran out to enjoy it. And of course Ben has been going thru withdrawls with all this rain. He has not been able to mow the grass or wash the cars. So he got out the mower, weedeater and all supplies to wash the cars and got to work. I however, continuing my laziness sat on Bryce's slide and snapped a few photos. Noah loves to help Dad with EVERYTHING he does and Bryce still isn't too sure about the mower yet. But when it came time to wash the cars he was all over it. We had a good time but frooze our butts off, good thing I made chilli for dinner.

After dinner Ben went out to move the cars around and sure enough it was raining....again. He wasn't too happy. Here are some pictures from the camera.

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Huston Family said...

I tested the Digital Rebel and did not like it either.... I went for an Olympus EVolt 410 instead. It had more features that were easier to use and understand and it took better pictures. It is lighter then the Rebel and has a few different lenses you can use. I have a 150mm, 300mm and also a 1600mm. All three are fabulous! Hope you find one you like!