Friday, November 21, 2008

Around the corner

The Steelers pulled off another win last night. YIPEE! However I was out sometime in the 3rd quarter. I have no idea if Ben stayed up to watch it. All my Steelers fans out there are telling me it was a good game.

However want to know what's more exciting then the Steelers winning last night? The next time the Steelers play we will be there to watching them LIVE!!! We are so excited, I can't believe it's almost here. Ben got some more Steelers wear in the mail yesterday and is waiting on a hat to finish it off. It's going to be great! I just hope that all 4 of us are ready to FREEZE our little butts off.


Amanda said...

Don't forget your shovel! The stadium doesn't clear the seats so if it snows that's your job! HeHeHe Just trying to make you love the North even more!

Coastie Family said...

please tell me your kidding right? do people really bring shovels to the game? thats just crazy!

Shae Watson said...

Ok, so I'm trying to keep a list of things to bring to the game...
1. binocs
2. gloves
3. scarf
4. hat (or 2 or 3)
5. about 15 layers of clothes
6. money
7. tissues (b/c my nose will run in that cold)
8. stadium blanket (yup, that's why they are called STADIUM blankets, don't make fun or I won't share)
9. those things you put in your gloves to keep your hand even more warm
10. more money (b/c Erik is going to be like a kid in a candy store wanting to buy every damned thing with a Pats logo... which will be every damned thing in the whole place--sigh--)
11. camera
12. chapstick
13. and now I might have to add a SHOVEL...
oh my, I thought I was over-thinking things when I was making sure to pack longjohns... we're going to have that Tahoe jam packed with stuff for the game... LOL!!! I can't wait!!!!!!!

Coastie Family said...

Okay I feel totally unprepaired!! Stadium blanket? Us West Coast football fans have never heard of that. LOL (seriously what is it) I have plenty of hand, body and feet warmers. okay i need to start a list.