Sunday, November 9, 2008

Let me start by saying "AHHHHHHHHHH, Did you see that Steeler game!" Why is it that sometimes its sooooo stressful being a football fan?
Now onto weekend updates: Friday the boys and I had a play date with a friend in Newburyport. We were having a great time until Noah started having "wheezing" troubles. With this happening more frequently now that its getting colder I decided it was time to get some medicine for the breathing machine we have at home. By the time we left the doctor Noah got 1 shot, 2 different inhalers and meds for the machine at home. Good times.
Saturday I had my Pampered Chef party. It turned out to be a great party and my neighbor stayed for a little while after just chatting. Ben had taken the boys to the hobby store in Manchester and they had a blast as well. And the best part was the "date" I had with my husband. The boys were sitting watching a movie so Ben made a little appetizer for us to enjoy. It lasted for about 5 minutes before both boys were sitting with us but it was super fun.
Sunday we ended up heading out to Bobby and Karen's. Bobby has been working on his RC track outside and asked Ben to come with his truck to play. Karen, Melisa and I enjoyed watching the trucks drive and laughing at how they spend more time fixing them. The boys had a blast, of course. I think Noah is in love with Melisa, he was very concerned as to where she was at the whole time. He can't wait for her to come babysit, he has everything "planned out." The boys and I got to pet the horses and I thought that was REALLY cool. Bryce was too afraid to touch them but Noah loved it. We had a great afternoon out there. And most important nobody was hurt this go around.
Here are some pictures from Bobby and Karen's today.

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Shae Watson said...

It's just as frustrating being an Eagels fan... believe me!!!