Friday, November 7, 2008

Me and My 10K

So I got the crazy idea to get back into running with a friend at work. I found this race a couple months ago. It's the Jack London Trail Run 10K(6.2miles). It sounded like fun so we both agreed to start training and get ready. We brought the idea up to the crew at the station and had a bunch of takers. Quickly our group of 17 deminished into 10. We headed out on November 1st to the race.
I thought to myself "What are you getting into?" but somehow talked my way through it. I ran the entire race in a time of 1:05:10. 10:30 minute miles. Not a blazing speed by any means but I made the entire route without walking. Here are a few pictures that were taken by the crew that put the race together. I downloaded them from the site. You can also check it out if you want.

Jack London Trail Race:

By the way. The last picture of me was like .2 miles from the end. So of course I felt about dead....


Dad Molnar said...


Dad Molnar said...

RUN FORREST...........RUN!!

Karen O said...

I had to reboot my computer and lost your e-mail address but anyway, Bobby is having a few guys over on Sunday( tomorrow) to race on the track in the back yard he did it all over and it looks GREAT!
I will be at work but we thought Ben might want to race/run his R/C car/cars? Just an idea let us know, e-mail me :)
Good job with the race :)

Amanda said...

Congrats! You did great!

We love your tights the most!

Huston Family said...

WoooHooo great job Ben!! Your tights are smokin HOT!!!!