Thursday, November 6, 2008

Playing with trucks

If there is one thing I have learned from having all boys in the house, is that you can never have enough RC anything. If it's got a remote control and that remote makes a car, truck, plane, train, helicopter, boat or anything else move it's cool. Now for those who don't know probably think I'm talking about Noah and Bryce. But lets not forget my always young at heart hubby :) Ever since he was a little boy he would love racing RC trucks with his Dad and brother. He always talks about his memories of those days whether they are good or traumatizing. I still think his Dad is "banned" from driving Noah's lunchbox.

I never understood the joy of this hobby until we had boys of our own. I used to roll my eyes when Ben would say "Hey want to come outside and watch me drive my truck," or "Babe, I want this new truck isn't it cool?" Now I find myself rushing out the door to watch them play. Watching Noah's little face light up with joy when Dad's truck would start up, the 1st flip he saw, or even the 1st time Dad put that controller in his hand to drive. And now I get to see it all over again with Bryce. Last night was even better, Noah stood next to Bryce teaching him how to drive his lunchbox. I stood watching Noah show Bryce how to go forward, backwards, turn left and right and how to stop. Then reminded him to be careful as he handed the remote to Bryce. Bryce had a blast and still leaned over to Noah a few times for help. Then Noah got up and chased the truck while Bryce drove it. The battery started to die and Noah got down flipped his truck over and started moving wires and little parts around making sure nothing was breaking. Then got up and said it's just the battery and him and Bryce walked back into the garage. Of course I had the camera and was snapping a few shots.

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