Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's getting cold

Yes that does say 22 degrees, your not seeing things. The temp is dropping fast around here and I'm not sure we are totally ready for this. Neither of us have ever lived in the snow or in a place that it gets below 30 for months at a time. The list of things I'm learning is growing.
* Getting up earlier to warm up the car is a must.
* No matter how long you let it warm up, with leather seats its still cold.
* The sticks everyone's putting up are not to measure snow its so the snow plows don't ruin your grass.
* You will spend a small fortune heating your home, deal with it.
* You must wear house socks and slippers when you have hardwood floors.
* When everyone said "Its not that bad" they lied!
* Kids seem to walk much slower when its in the 20's.
* I have never really known what cold weather is until now.
* That spare diaper bag in the truck with extra wipes doesn't really work anymore, the wipes are frozen.
* The ground is slippery 1st thing in the AM.
* Don't leave the dogs water out over night anymore, it does freeze solid and the dog will whimper if he tries to lick it.
So these are just a few things I am learning as the weather drops. I'm positive my list will grow and grow as that white stuff starts falling from the sky. And yes this morning after dropping Ben at work I gave in and turned the heat on downstairs. And to think last month I thought I was ready for this cold weather :)


Amanda said...


Car starters aren't THAT expensive and are totally worth it - perhaps Santa can put one under your tree?

Salt/sand/kitty litter your walk ways so you don't slip and fall.

Um, what else? I moved away for a reason? It's nice to visit? Isn't the snow pretty?

Huston Family said...

HA HA HA I told you!!! We got a car starter when we lived over there too! And it has come in so handy here too!!! Amanda mentioned salt and sand those are great ideas too! We salt the stairs to our house every morning cause they are so slick!
Good Luck Shell!