Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving and Updates

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We spent most the day hanging out together watching movies and nothing else. Our cable went out on Tuesday so I was really bummed that we missed the Thanksgiving Macy's Day Parade. We got ready and headed over to Adam and Ashlyn's about 3ish. It was nice not to have to cook this year but weird too. We had a really nice time visiting with friends and the kids ran wild. Seriously they went crazy. We headed home around 8pm cause I knew I was getting up early.

Friday came WAY too fast as I was up at 0345. I was outta the house by 4am and in line at Walmart by 430am. I was surprised at how little people were there. I don't even think we had 150. I hit Walmart and Sears and was home by 630am. I don't mess around, I know what I want get it and get out. Everyone was sound asleep when I got home but I couldn't go back to bed. I woke Ben up to show him all the cool stuff I got. Then we decided that this RC ATV I got the boys we should just give to them now. I placed it in their room so the would see it when they woke up. Bryce was the 1st up and went crazy. He carried it to our room then yelled until Noah woke up and came in. By 8am everyone was showered and dressed and we were off. Hit up Sams Club, Walmart and the bank. We spent the rest of the day trying to clean and waiting for the Dish guy. Ben hung up some shelves :) Then about 4pm I realized that I didn't RSVP for a Birthday party today. Did that and we were off to Toys R Us for a gift. By the time 9pm came around I was done. I don't remember Noah or Ben going to bed.

Other then that things have been op's normal around here. Ben spent most the week at work, day and night. The boys missed him terribly. Noah had no school so I had to entertain all 3 kids. Got over my cold (YIPEE) The cable went out so we didn't get to watch any of our shows this week. There was rain and lots of wind but no snow. Erik and Shae got into Boston yesterday!!!!! And I feel like I'm missing something.......hummmm what could it be? I just know there was something else going on this weekend.........

OUR GAME IS TOMORROW!!! I don't think anyone could understand how freaking excited we are. The girls (Melisa and Amanda) will be here around 930am and we will be off to get Erik and Shae about 10am. I can't believe it's actually here! The boys are excited for their babysitters and excited that we are bringing back Erik and Shae. Last night Noah said they should just move to Hampton. I agree buddy, I agree. So stay tuned for lots of crazy pictures to come. I do have Thanksgiving pictures but I think my camera is still in the Tahoe. Which I'm sure means it will be frozen solid. Add another thing to the list :)

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AmandaSue said...


lucky you no one got voted off survivor! it was just a recap show so you didnt miss anything!

see you tomorrow morning!!!