Thursday, November 13, 2008

Growing up

Bryce is growing up so fast. I'm so happy that he is just a fun loving little boy but I have to admit I loved it when all he wanted was Mom. Those days are fading fast. He is talking so much now and putting sentence's together really good. Noah even understands what he is saying now. It's awesome watching them talk to each other and laugh together. More and more I'm being told "I do it Mommy" It's so cute but breaks my heart cause he doesn't need Mom anymore. And Ben is in heaven cause he is all about Dad. Seriously he doesn't want me to put him to bed he wants Dad. All day long he asks for Dad now. "Mommy, Daddy at worrrrk, Daddy on boat, Bryce go on boat with Daddy." And when Ben walks threw that door you would think he had been gone for 3 years. If he needs something he will bypass me and go straight to Ben. It was cute and a nice break at 1st but I want my baby back.

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You've been tagged. Check my blog to see what you have to do!