Sunday, November 23, 2008


Ben got home around 8am this morning with donuts and coffee. How can you not just love this guy? The boys were thrilled of course and it really got us going for the day. We headed downstairs to finally get some of our Halloween decor put away. We figured with Erik and Shae coming we might want to get that done, that and it's almost time for Christmas decor. After we got dressed and loaded up for Sam's Club. I was the big hit today at Sam's. There was alot of Patriots fans out and with me in my Steelers beanie, scarf and jacket we got alot of looks. I know this is a great area for all those "leaf peepers" out there. But they don't get to share the true joy of going outside in the freezing cold to rake your never ending leaves into brown paper bags. Thank goodness that I mowed most the leaves up last week otherwise we would still be out there. The boys had a great time with it and we got some cute pictures. So we can't complain too much. Poor Bryce was shivering and begging for a fire after an hour.

So I'm going to brag about my husband for a little bit. Can I just tell everyone how AWESOME it is being married to a man that can do and fix anything? IT ROCKS! It's just great to be able to say, "Hunny the Tahoe needs new breaks" "Hunny the engine in the truck needs rebuild" "Hunny the boys broke their RC car" "Hunny I want a living room fan installed" "Hunny please build me a coat rack" "Hunny the washing machine is broke" Okay I know I tease Ben A LOT about all his "projects" but I am so grateful that he is so talented and loves me so much. What brings this on you may ask? We have been worried about the snow this winter and the cost of getting a snow blower. But Ben was able to get a free snow blower from a guy that runs a repair shop by his work. The only problem was it didn't work. The guy had an idea what was wrong with it but couldn't fix it. Well tonight Ben got it working. And the best part is we didn't even have to buy any parts for it, Ben had everything he needed right here. So we have this really nice looking snow blower ready to go for the bargain price of FREE!

But now my boys are sleeping and I'm off to spend some quality time with that awesome hubby of mine :). I will leave you all with a few pictures from today.


Karen O said...

cutest family EVER!!


Karen O said...

you got that backwards,
If all goes well the Steelers will loose!!! And thank you I agree they do rock :)