Monday, November 3, 2008

AHH Monday

Why are Monday's cursed? Or is it just mine? Is it time to climb back into bed and close my eyes? The morning started off great. Woke up to my wonderful husband kissing my check, then headed downstairs to have coffee with him before he took off. Doesn't that just sound great? Yeah it was.

After Ben leaves I get ready to jump in the shower. The boys woke up before I could get in so I got them settled in my bed with Spongebob and jumped in. Half way threw my shower the water became FREEZING cold. It was horrible. Jumped out started getting ready. Accidentally spilt my coffee all over the bathroom sink. Start getting the boys dressed and they were little angels and got dressed right away. Seriously no sarcasim they were. Come downstairs to greet Emma. Poor girl doesn't want Mommy to leave. She broke my heart. Got her calmed down and started breakfast. While I was calming Emma down Bryce got into Daddy's RC stuff. (SHHH he doesn't know yet) Got it picked up then breakfast on the table. Not one child ate their breakfast so I just cleaned it up. Took me about 30mins to get every child ready to go out in this freezing weather but we did it. Everyone loads up and off to get Noah to school. Emma falls down 3 times walking in and on the way out Bryce stepped in Dog poop. GROSS!! Didn't realize it till after i got him in his seat. By that time it had gotten all over his pants, my sweatshirt and his carseat. I wanted to vomit. We have made it home and got everyone/thing cleaned up.

Did I mention it's only 9:21am? I really hope that the rest of the day goes a little more smoothly. The kids and I still have to make it to the bank.

Tonight is Monday Night Football...GO STEELERS!! And tomorrow is Election Day. What a great week we have to look forward to. I hope that everyone had a better Monday morning then I did. I will post later about Weekend Activities.


Huston Family said...

Geesus! You had it ruff this morning Aye??? Maybe next time you should just come to my house for some coffee and Kalua! HA HA

Coastie Family said...

If only I could, if only I could. I miss those days of just walking next door.