Tuesday, January 8, 2008


So the day got better yesterday. As I expected Rite Aid didn't have the RX's ready. They didn't have any Albuterol left and only 1/2 of the prelone. So instead of calling us, they told me when I got there. I wasn't happy about that either. I waiting for what they had to give me and left. His wheezing wasn't too bad yesterday but it got really bad this morning. After taking Noah to school I started calling the 3 pharmacies we have in this town. And wouldn't you know, nobody had it!! Was on the way to the doctors office for some treatments there when Rite Aid called to say they got it in. FINALLY!! They told me it would be a few hours. The poor guy on the phone didn't know what was about to hit him. But seriously my 1 1/2 year old child is having breathing problems for crying out loud and he is going to make me wait another "few hours" wasn't in my game plan. So I swung by picked up Noah and Daygen (forgot I had Daygen today) then off to Rite Aid with the 3 boys. They had the medicine ready to go, smile and all.

So he has had a few treatments today. It has helped a little but not as good as it usually does. He is currently trying to take a nap but is miserable. I'm sure he wants his water cup but I'm not giving in. Instead I'm sitting here blogging. Yes I have issues.....

Off to take care of the baby now.

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