Sunday, January 13, 2008

Fight On

I know its a little late however the shirts have not gone over very well in this house. I still think its HILARIOUS!!!

One of the funnier gifts the 3 boys opened this Christmas was a gift from Uncle Jeff. Ben got to open it but it was for the boys. Their 1st USC shirts. Not just a plan USC shirt it says "Daddy's #1 Little Trojan" I wish everyone could have seen Ben's face. It was great!! Of course he firmly looked at me and said "they will never wear these" A few hours later when the boys came down the hall to show them off, he laughed and said "they will never wear them out of this house"

The day of the Rose Bowl I put the shirt on Noah. Bryce's was still dirty and he was heading to bed anyways. So here are some pictures for everyone to see. I'm sure Ben will have something to say:)
ps~Jeff you have no idea what you just started!

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