Thursday, January 10, 2008

I hate Asthma

I HATE ASTHMA!!! I know there are worse things that my children could have and I am thankful that they don't. However, I'm really really disliking Asthma right now. As we all know Bryce had been sick. He has been having troubles breathing and we have been able to hear the wheezing since Friday. Its now Thursday and we can still hear him wheezing. I feel so bad for the little guy, he is miserable and drained from not breathing very good. The cough is just on his and my last nerve too. I have been giving him breathing treatments 3 to 4 times a day and it seems like we are getting nowhere. To top it all off the medicine he is on turns him into a not very nice baby. The Prelone makes him mad, angry and have no patience what so ever. The Albuterol's like crack for him. He becomes so funny and does stupid things. He will run outta control until he gets mad which only takes about 2 minutes. Then the real fun starts!

Poor Noah. Bryce was so mean to him before preschool this morning. All Noah wants to do is help Bryce out and Bryce wants nothing to do with it. Ben came home at 9am and found that I was already on my last nerve with Bryce.

Currently he is in his bed, where he asked to be. But he is not sleeping he is yelling running back and forth in his crib. He had not taken a nap in the last 3 days. Another doctor appt just might be on the schedule for tomorrow!!!!

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Amanda said...

Oh poor baby! You WILL get through this. Heck I'm alive and medications were so much worse back then. Ask the doctor about Singulair - I'm not sure what age they can start it at but it's made such a huge difference in my asthma AND Sky's.