Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Testing the limits

My little bundle of joy is having such a blast testing Mom lately. If he wasn't so darn cute I would loss my mind. He has a HUGE fascination with the toilet. This goes beyond anything Noah ever had. Everything ends up in the toilet and I mean everything. Toys, pacifiers, towels, bowls, even the house phone. Yep its lots of fun!! Just as I make some headway on the toilet issues he has picked up some more. I have been wondering why the dog hasn't been eating as much. Well Bryce has been feeding him his food when I leave the room. Yep everything goes to the dog. I usually get some sort of snack and movie while I'm showering and getting ready or even doing some heavy cleaning. Well that's about to stop. Another thing he just loves to do. And I sware its only because he knows it drives me nuts. He like to take his toys into Noah's room and Noah toys into his room. That drives me nutz!! All toys have a place in their respected rooms!! OK I may have a little toy OCD. He will stand in Noah's room and call for me laughing after he is done, or laugh while he is doing it. I have to admit is super cute.

But my biggest problem with Bryce right now.....he likes to pick on Noah. Yes my little short child his taking down his much larger older brother. Noah is so soft with everyone and will only come after you if he is pissed. Well Bryce will come after you no matter what. But he waits until he thinks I have left the room. Then will hit Noah with his cup, cars, anything that is around. Its soo sad. Poor Noah. The worst part is I never knew this was going on. Sneaky little turd. He will go after Noah when I leave then Noah will push him and Bryce comes running to me crying. I never thought Bryce was actually starting any of it. Boy was I wrong.

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Huston Family said...

Awwww Poor Noah! and I just have to sit back and laugh at the fact that I am not the only mother with the spawn of satan child!!! LOL Just kidding! Actually I know we have good kids but some times..... =) LOL