Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's Official

No joke minutes after my last post I got a call from Ben. I was blown away to hear we had orders!! I should have posted a long time ago:)

Anyho, Our next official Station will be Station Merrimack River in Newburyport, MA. I couldn't believe it when Ben told me. I will not lie, at 1st I was crushed. Started crying trying to convince Ben that I was OK with this. I think he knew I wasn't:) But after I had some time to think and more time to talk to Ben, We are both THRILLED!!! And I also have to say our family and friends have been a great support as well. Everyone is so happy for us. Its going to be an adventure but we can't wait!! Noah is super excited too. (even though I know he doesn't really understand) We told him we would be going to Cali then to his cousin's house while Dad drove with Zeus to meet us. He is so excited about Cali, his cousins and the airplane. He was a little confused about the Aunt and Uncle part. He told me "and Aunt Amanda and Uncle Ben" it was funny. He also can't wait to surf in "warm water" and have snow.

And just like that we only have about 4 months left in Newport. Its going to go by sooo fast. And we have lots to get done and figure out before then. Should be crazy around here!

Love to you all!!!
Soon to be "Massachusetts Molnar's~that sounds funny:)

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Huston Family said...

I am happy for you guys! But in the same breath I am sad that you finally got and now I am going in the opposite direction! I know no matter what though you guys will make the best of it!! I think you will actually like it!!! It will be a good adventure for you guys!! Colleen will be close to you too so you will at least know someone in case you need anything!!!!