Thursday, January 17, 2008

Being the better person.......

Can be hard! So this is my venting post. If you choose to read it great but if you have nothing nice to say please keep your opinions to yourself, I'm not asking nor do I want them!

Where to start?? Bryce and I were at the store this AM. Both of us were in our CG sweatshirts minding our own business. This lady comes up to me and says "you must be a CG mom, bet it's hard" I nicely said "no my husband in in the CG" She then asked if the CG was really considered "military" and how could they get away with that? I felt my blood start to boil, my face turning red and started to shake. She then goes on to say, they don't sacrifice near as much as men and woman servicing over seas or their families do. Yep at this point I wanted to drop the bitch were she stood!! The nerve of her!! I turn to look at Bryce as he sits their smiling realizing I had 2 choices. Drop the bitch or take the high road and be the better person.

I turn to her and ask if she has any family or friends serving for our country. Just as I thought she said "No" I asked her what gave her or anybody else the right to judge the sacrifices any military family has had to endure. Sure my husband may not be over sea's but it doesn't mean that we have not given up parts of our lives for him to protect our Coast lines. He may not be on a boat anymore but he has done his duty on them. Been gone for months at a time with little to no communication. And the CG does go overseas, one of my best friends husband has just been sent to Iraq. So before you open your mouth to a Military wife and ask stupid questions like that, do some research or use your god given brain!! You may not agree with everything the Military does and I am OK with that. But I'm not OK with you standing in front of me and my son putting down everything that our life's are about. And last I checked we were "One nation under God" Turned around and walked outta the store.

Are you kidding me!!!! I should have said so many other things to her but I just walked away. I'm so tired of people not giving the CG credit for everything they do. Or people looking at me with that dumb ass look on there face "what is the CG, I have never heard of that" I know all you Coastie wife's have had that about a millions times! Every morning my husband goes to work willing and able to put his life on the line. And he has done so. Every day Coasties chase down drug boats, seize drugs, board ships no matter how hostile, guard our Coast from attacks, willing drive in 20+ surf to save lives the list goes on and on. So before anyone stands in front of a CG wife or any military wife for that matter please use your brain before you speak. We have all given up so much for our husband to do their job we do not deserve you and your stupidity.

Now I have to go back to the store to get stuff for dinner!!!

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Huston Family said...

Holy Crap! I wonder if that is the same woman that confronted me in Fred Meyers that one time when I had Anna with me and I almost kicked the crap out of her in front of every one!!! Sounds like the same stupid Bitch to me! HA HA I am so proud of you Lashelle for not kicking the Crap out of her!!! Like my dad always told me to remember when dealing with ignorant people he said "Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from behind, or a fool from any direction'!!