Sunday, January 13, 2008

Noah's new blanket

On Friday Noah got in his Birthday package from Grandma Molnar. He was so excited to open it he could hardly wait for Ben to get home. I tried to tell him it wasn't for him but since he has been working on reading (and doing really well at it) he knew it said "Happy Birthday Noah" all over the sides. BUSTED!!
He was so excited about everything he got but I must say he fell in LOVE with his new blanket. He loves his comfy blankets right now and Grandma hit the jackpot with a comfy Steelers blanket. Here are some pictures of the boys sharing the blanket and Noah in his new football PJ's.


Huston Family said...

Awwww! I love it. But only because its for Noah!!! They both look so comfy in it!!!

Coastie Family said...

O Dusty I will convert you soon!!! you know deep down your a fan:) However, I was sad to see the Seahawks fall out of the race too

Huston Family said...

I know me too!! Given the weather though I think they could have taken the packers had it not been a blizzard during the game! Actually I dont dislike the steelers but If I cheered for them both I would be called a traitor!!!